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Ordinary Fixed Deposit Account

Ordinary Fixed Deposit Account (LCY only) is a deposit account in which Customers can save the funds for a certain period of fixed time with higher interest rates than saving traditionally in Call/Current/Savings Accounts. Customers with stable funds movements in Savings accounts are the best fit to open Fixed Deposit Accounts to earn higher interest rates according to the selected tenor at account maturity.

Account Types

: Individual (Single/Joint), Corporate/Business 

Account opening channel

: Branch, Internet/Mobile Banking

Initial Deposit

: Individual (Single/Joint) – 10,000MMK

  Corporate, Business, Organization – 100,000MMK

30 days

8.00 %

60 days

8.25 %

90 days

8.50 %

180 days

8.20 %

270 days

8.30 %

360 days

8.50 %