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Dedicated Relationship Management Team

Relationship Head (BM)

Relationship Manager (RM)

Our dedicated Relationship Managers are available to meet you at your preferred location to provide detailed banking information, new updates about products and services and help build your financial portfolio with the bank. They serve as your point of contact for consultations to discuss your personal and business banking needs. 

Service Ambassadors

Service Ambassador

Our Service Ambassadors are available at all our branches and ready to assist you with all your banking transactions and ensure you have a seamless experience.

Virtual Relationship Ambassador (VRA)

Virtual Relationship Ambassador (VRA)

Our Virtual Relationship Ambassadors are always there to update you about privileges, offers, services and campaigns. They are also available to be contactived via our Premium Banking Hotline for any banking inquiry.

Relationship Head (BM)

The Branch Manager at your home branch where you opened your KBZ account will serve as your Relationship Head and are available through appointment to provide you with assistance for any issues, queries or advice.

Service Ambassadors

Subject Matter Expert

Our team of experts consist of investment, bancassurance, property, trade finance and mortgage specialists are available for consultations and advice for your specific wealth management needs. 

Our Services

24 hrs 7 days a week Dedicated Hotline – 8666

24/7 Dedicated Hotline (8666) – Our Virtual Relationship Ambassadors are available during banking hours and Customer Service Officers after banking hours to assist you with your queries.

Call your Virtual Relationship Manager (VRM)

If your KYC is updated with your registered cell number, you will be automatically connected to your allocated Virtual Relationship Manager (VRM) when you call the Premium Banking hotline at 8666 (+95 9969508666). If your registered number is different, please update your KYC at the branch to access this service. Customer Service Managers at your home branch will guide you through the process.

Personalised Cheque Book

Personalized Cheque Book and Passbook

Personalized chequebooks and passbooks are available for different premium banking accounts.