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Ordinary Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit account is most suitable for individuals interested in long-term deposits and citizens, over the age of 18, are eligible to open a fixed deposit account. Higher interest rates will be incurred depend on the length of the deposit term.

Opening an account

  • You can open an individual account or co-account with another person.

Withdrawal and deposit

  • After completion of the fixed date of deposit, you may be able to withdraw the deposit together with the interest (in the bank your account was created).

High-Interest rate

  • Eligible for high interest rates are dependent on the length of the deposit. Unlike saving deposit accounts, this account holder is able to deposit during anytime of the month and still be eligible for interests.

Initial Deposit 10,000 MMK

*Can deposit more than the required initial deposit.

Minimum Balance 10,000 MMK

Terms of deposit and interests